Dear Lord Akeldama ~ On Love, Suits & Suitability

I know I know, we just had one recently. But when this particular vampire drops by for tea, one does not turn him ~ or his advice ~ away.

Curiouswombat asks:
Your Lordship, I am interested to know whether you actually approved of your adoptive daughter's given name? 'Prudence' does seem a teensy bit... staid... for a member of your family.
Prudence has been given a name that it almost impossible to live up to, but then again, all children thrive on illusive goals and challenges.

Rose asks:
I understand that a sign of abundant soul in mortals is an extraordinary talent. What skill or craft did you possess in mortal life that revealed the possibility of excess soul?
Ah well, let us simply say I was very very good at organizing people, and extremely creative in their application and execution.

Vest  1800-1810  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Rose asks:
In your extensive life exactly how many preternaturals have you met? Have any of them compared to your darlingest of Alexias?
Only a very few, after all they are rare beasties. Alexia is one of the only females in the mix, which makes her unique, and uniquely fluffy.

Puck asks:
Have you ever read Wonder City Stories, and if so, what do you think of Zoltan? Would you two be friends (or at least friendly acquaintances), do you think?
I have not yet had the pleasure, but I can tell from the name alone we would have much to discuss.


Mjspice asks:
Do you by any chance have a picture or portrait of yourself during your time in Egypt?
I understand there are a number of frescoes out there, and perhaps a mosaic or two. Sometimes I visit myself at the British Museum. I must say I'm much the man I once was, in looks at least, but I dislike that they confine me to the staircase now.

Erin asks:
I am such a fan of Madame Lefoux's attire. How might I imitate her androgynous look in an updated way?
Why would you want it updated?

1820 Cravat  1820s-1830s  The Victoria & Albert Museum

Traipsing Trillium asks:
How did you decide to settle in London?
Where else can you imagine me settling? While it's true the French cornered the fashion market for women, Bond Street has always had the last word on men's style (and will do forever if I have my druthers). I must be where the suits are.

bessovestny-tumblr Joseph Christian Leyendecker (March 23, 1874 — July 25, 1951).

Anonymous asks:
Are you in love with Biffy?
My dear sir, or madam, asking a vampire about his feelings is near to a question as asking a lady her weight. Shocking, truly shocking.

I'm sorry to report the Lord A has drifted off in a huff.

Have a question for Lord Akeldama? He may have answered it already or you may leave it in a comment below. Please do not ask time sensitive questions, Lord Akeldama, being a vampire, as a very loose interpretation of time.

{What is Gail's Book Group reading for January? Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis}


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Promenade Dress; Ackermans Repository July, 1811 via 

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Rocky the Pacific Octopus enjoys a creative enrichment

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historynet-tumblr Passengers boarding British airship R101 (1929_1930)

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the-vortexx-tumblr Victorian slang terms you never knew existed


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Ivy Fan Art via Tumblr
naderegen: I’ve been rereading the Parasol Protectorate, and I wanted to make a quick drawing of Ivy… But I suppose kinda forgot that I know absolutely nothing about Victorian fashions, let alone how to draw them OTL. So that took a little longer than expected, but here we are.

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