Tomorrow is Ada Lovelace Day

Tomorrow is Ada Lovelace Day, celebrating women in science! I encourage you all to blog, tweet, FB, and talk about your favorite female scientist in history or now.

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day I present to you, Gentle Reader, some interesting tidbits on the advancement of women gleaned from Godey's Lady's Book 1872.

On the Higher Education of Women in the United States
"Our readers are aware that a munificent offer of $250,000 has been made by Mr. Sage to the trustees of Cornell University, on condition that young women shall be admitted to the advantages of that institution on the same terms as young men. A correspondent states that President White, after having examined the practical workings of the co-education of the sexes at Antioch, Oberlin, the Michigan University, and several other institutions of less note, declared, in a recent speech, "that he was heartily glad that Mr. Sage had made this offer, and he should do all that he could to promote its acceptance." Later accounts state that the gift has been accepted, and that the new buildings which will be required are soon to be commenced."
~ Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine July 1872

A New Profession for Ladies
"We learn from the German papers that a young lady recently presented herself at the Faculty of Medicine at Munich for examination for a license to practice as a dentist. Being refused, she went to
Erlangen. The question was here referred to the government, who at once authorized the examination on the ground that it was absurd to exclude a person desiring to submit herself to authorized professional tests of ability by reason of her sex. The young lady triumphed, and is likely to find immediate imitators."
~ Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine September 1872

Lady Doctors
An English Lady, Mrs. Chaplin Ayrton, has just passed her second professional medical examination (anatomy and physiology) in Paris, with the note of "very satisfactory," the faculty having, with the liberality to strangers for which they are so justly renowned, accepted that lady's certificates from Apothecaries Hall and the Edinburgh University as equivalent to a "degree" in letters and science and to their first professional presented herself for the first professional examination (chemistry, physics, natural history, and botany), also passed with "very satisfactory."
~ Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine November 1872

Dr. Walker

In line with the above here is a great article on Civil War Surgeon Dr. Mary Walker ~ The Only Woman Ever Awarded The Congressional Medal Of Honor. More on her as she gets older. And here is another on the Three Female Medical Students Who Destroyed Gender Norms A Century Ago.

Women Delivering Ice in 1918. I love this picture, it's so very Vieve.

To give an idea of what they were up against:
"Truth is, the female sex is really as inferior to the male in vigour of mind as in strength of body; and all arguments to the contrary are founded on a few anomalies, or based on theories that can never be reduced to practice."


"Men make fortunes, women make livings. And none make poorer livings than those who waste their time, and bore their friends, by writing and lecturing upon the equality of the sexes, and what they call "Women's Rights." How is it that most of these ladies live separately from their husbands; either despising them, or being despised by them?"
~ The Ladies' Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners or, Miss Leslie's Behaviour Book
by Eliza Leslie (American 1864) 

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Your Moment of Parasol . . .
1901 Afternoon Dress  1901  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Your Infusion of Cute . . .
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Your Tisane of Smart . . .
Roll Bottle Opener via Better Living Through Design

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
"Letters of introduction should not be sealed. To do so is rude, and mean."
~ The Ladies' Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners or, Miss Leslie's Behaviour Book
by Eliza Leslie (1864)

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Quote of the Day:
“Men don't think any differently from women - they just make more noise about being able to.”
~ Tamora Pierce, The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

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