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Life has been unbelievably busy lately, Gentle Reader. Ever since my trip to NY derailed my finishing M&M, I've been playing ketchup. First I had to do M&M's TKs, knowing if I left them for later they would take me 2x as long.

Running TKs
TK is the text notation many of us writers put in for a future callback. It's searchable shorthand for "To Come" as "T" and "K" don't exist together in the English language. I use it for items that will need extensive research, chronological checks, and events or descriptions I have to check against previous books to avoid consistency errors. TK allows me to write without stopping knowing I can fix errors later. However, if I leave too many, I'm setting myself up for days of work at the end of a manuscript.

Back to the saga...

Then there was a bust up and an extension on my W&W copy edits, mixed in with those came #TwitterFiction, then I had ConDor in San Diego. So rolled straight from TKs on the last Finishing School book into copy edits on the third one. Not necessarily a bad thing as it allows me to refresh my memory of what happened in #3 and make notes for more fixes in #4 in a few months.

The copy edit desk, quite similar to the TK fortunately for me
Above lower left working right: map of London; timeline for all in world books and short stories; Baedeker's Guide to Great Britain; English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century; schematic diagram of the Finishing School dirigible; timeline of history (with my own notations as to Victoria's little wars and occurrences in my version of the world); blue story bible for the Finishing School series.

Not shown: copy edit notes; train maps; steam engine schematics; other primary sources.

These days I struggle with hads.
For example:
"Dimity went white as a sheet, more terrified by this than the hair-raising ride they had recently endured." Is correct.
You see, I prefer the tonality of: "Dimity went white as a sheet, more terrified by this than the hair-raising ride they recently endured." No had.
I know the first is technically right, but the second sounds better. This has to do with why my writing is so replete with fragment sentences. I like the punch of how fragments sound when read aloud. There's an not to copy editor to ignore fragment by author request. I know I am breaking that rule but the tonality is vital. All this, I think, has to do with the fact that I was raised on audiobooks (no TV until mid high school) so the sing song nature of text is important to me. I find the extra hads jarring because I would not speak that way. I'm not complaining, I allow them the correction because it doesn't matter that much to me. I just thought you, Gentle Reader, would enjoy a glimpse into the minor frettings of the minutia of copy edits. Quibble should be my middle name. And a darn fine one at that.

Gail Quibble Carriger has a bad case of the hads right now.

So back to the ketchup: Mixed up in all the above was some hastily scheduled minor surgery, which, having cosmetic consequences, turned me into a recluse unable to exercise for over a month ~ rather driving me stir crazy. Anyway, as a result, I'm now delayed on the Prudence rewrites, and (as you may have noticed) this blog is running behind as well. Grrr.

I'm hoping Prudence won't be as hard as I have built it up to be. I've decided on a two prong attack stratagem: 1. digital read through and major plot point fixing as organically as possible, 2. printout read through page by page catch all note fixing. It's going to be a dozy. You know that stretching sensation around the eyes? Yeah.

What does this mean for you? Not a whole lot. Blog posts might be slightly fewer or shorter or both. My social media presence is on a diet, and I won't be doing any other commitments except those I've already agreed to. Not until July at any rate.

Wish me luck?


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