In Which Your Intrepid Author Visits a Shooting Range in the Interest of Research

Occasionally, Gentle Reader, I conduct on the ground research, or in some cases in the air. One of the things I have been meaning to do for a long time is visit a shooting range. I grew up around riffles (farming community) but never used one, and I have an ex who (after living through the LA riots) owned a shot-gun so large I couldn't really lift it. But I, personally, have never found the idea of guns very appealing. Which may be the consequence of my part British upbringing, or it could be all those hippies.


However, guns do make the occasional appearance in my books and I have actually never shot one. I'd rather not get into the politics of guns, so I'll merely say that they are historically present in my time period and my world-building, so I thought it best if I knew at least a little bit about them.

My dear friend J. Daniel Sawyer is an excellent marksman and volunteered to be my guide. He does, after all, have a book on the subject of guns for writers. So a week ago, we trekked to a nearby gun range so shoot some of their oldest guns.

I thought you might like a glance at my notes. Which were mainly things that surprised me . . .

The larger caliber proved too much for me. We had to jump from a .22 to a .45 (compact 1911) since the shooting range only had one .38 and that gun was challenging (they said). This was a little sad since Ethel, Alexia's gun, is a derringer that would probably have been in the .38 range. But it did afford me the time to chat with some of the local enthusiasts while my friend finished the .45 rounds.


Being a materials scientist by training I was fascinated to learn about the so-called Perchatta gun grip on the 1902 gun they had in a case. It seems some sort of rubber mixed with plastic. I've never heard of such a thing and couldn't find it on the interwebs under that name (given me by a suspect individual) so if you know more on the actually scientific name of the material.*

There it is, my visit to the range. In many ways the range itself was exactly as I suspected, and some of the psychology of, for example, the instructional video was decidedly... off. But I am glad I went because I really feel like I learned something that will effect how I write about using guns in my books. Improving, shall we say, my precision if not accuracy.

* A note the name of the material appears to be Gutta Percha also know as Victorian vulcanite. You can read more about it in the comments bellow. In an unrelated matter, I was looking up Victorian Mourning Jewelry and found Gutta Percha was often used in place of jet.

Antique Victorian vulcanite/Gutta Percha mourning jewelry; earrings and necklace
RARE Victorian Mourning Jewelry Set in Original Box - Made of Gutta-Percha Sap. $1,295.00, via Etsy

Flanders says this of Gutta-percha:
"Gutta-percha was produced from the sap of the Isonandra gutta tree, native to Indonesia. When vulcanized, it acted as a waterproofing, insulating material, much as we sued rubber and now use plastic. It first appeared in Britian in the 1840s, becoming widelt used for, among other items, hot-water bottles, golf balls and the insulating cover for the first transatlantic telegraph cable."
~ Judith Flanders The Victorian House (pg. 45)


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