The Maccon Plaid or the Colors of Kingair

I was asked a little while ago, Gentle Reader, at a gathering about the Maccon plaid, or perhaps the Kingair colors. Embarrassingly enough, I had nothing in mind when I originally wrote the Parasol Protectorate books, so I threw the question out to the interwebs.

On Twitter the feeling seems to be in favor of yellows and golds, red, earth tones, and (surprising me) violet/heather.

Kinnaird sounds similar, but I'd think more gold (nobility) & red (b/c, duh, werewolves) is in order

Jacket  Paquin, 1938-1940  Kerry Taylor Auctions

I have to admit, the first colors that came to mind were purple-grey (heather), brown (wolf fur) and yellow (eyes)

I'm thinking violet for the full moon, gold and green for the heather fields, and red for the blood of fresh prey

Well here we have the MacConnell which could be the line the Maccons were split from...


On Facebook the discussion deviated:

Talia said definitely some hunter green involved...

Becky decided on history:
There are some surprisingly eye bending tartans out there. Some archaeological evidence suggests that the celts have favored bright colors for centuries. Also, it was during Queen Victoria's reign that the Scots got "rehabilitated" into something acceptable and the modern tartans were codified and associated with clans.

Coat  1960s  Timeless Vixen Vintage

So what do you think?


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Child Size Plaid Parasol 1920s

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