In Which Gail Worries About France

I am going to France in a little over a month, Fashionable reader. I'll be in Saint Malo of Les Etonnants Voyageurs Festival (May 18-20) and then Epinal for Imaginales (May 23-26)! If you are in the area and can come and see me, the details of my French trip can be found on the Gail Carriger sightings page. After that, the AB and I will explore of the countryside near the German border and end with a few days in Paris. I am excited, of course I am excited, but I am all scared.

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I have been to France briefly before but I don't speak any French and I'm terrified by the language and intimidated by the culture. I excavated in Italy, I speak decent Spanish, and many of my friends in graduate school were Greek. As a result, those tend to be the Mediterranean counties I gravitate towards. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know a part of Europe I've never really explored before, but I do suffer from travel fatigue.

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Of course, I am attracted by the fashion, the food, and the wine. I understand all about the romance and the beauty. But I'm still scared, and the fear is blocking me from getting as enthusiastic as I want to be about the trip.

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I thought I might appeal to you for help, Gentle Reader. Have you visited France? Have you always wanted to visit? Do you simply love France, or French culture? Would you mind telling me one exciting thing about the country or the people? Something that is not common knowledge? Something fun and unusual? Something a crazy tea drinking octopus centered glove wearing steampunk author might latch on to?

All thoughts appreciated.


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1865  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art
1865 The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Felted Octopus spotted in Jack London Square

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Quirky Victorian Term explained: Ambergris “Ambergris (or grey amber) is a perfume found in the intestines of the spermaceti whale, of floating on the sea; it is an unctuous solid body, of an ash colour. The Europeans value it only as a scent; the Asiatics and Africans use it in cookery.”
~ Mangnall’s Questions, 1830

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Not only I had a good time at AnomolyCon.

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— The man is a fool who, when asked for his candid opinion, gives it.
~ Punch December 1853

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