Dickens Signing Moves to Borderlands

My dear Gentle Reader, I profoundly apologize for having to cancel my trip to Dickens Fair tomorrow. Please don't worry there's nothing wrong with me, unless you count a twitchy shoulder and a brutally unmanageable first draft. (Yes, I believe the two might be linked.) It seems we are no longer welcome at the venue, and as I have said before, feeling rather vampiric, I don't go where not invited.

On the very bright side:
Borderlands to the rescue!

The very fine people at Borderlands have opened their doors. I know it's not quite the same as Dickens, but I will be sitting and signing starting at 5 pm in that very fine establishment just down the way. (Bonus they are near a BART station!)

Borderlands Chatting
Self at my very first Bookstore signing ~ Borderlands 2009

Please drop by whenever you can to say hi if nothing else. (Also Borderlands Cafe is the only place in the Bay Area where you can buy a cup of my favorite tea, they import it from England special!)

I imagine it'll go until 6, later if needed. There will be no audience seating and I won't be doing a reading but you can ask me any question you like and I promise to answer in truthful confidence.

Thank you Borderlands!!!!

So for those of you who will still be attending Dickens, I hope you have a marvelous time, remember the Rum Cake is amazing! And for those of you who were only going to see me and can't make Borderlands, my next big Bay Area Event is in April at the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition.

I have tried to get the message out in every way I can, but I'd certainly appreciate your help in the matter of spreading the word to those who may not know.

P.S. I may just be bringing a few fun goodies to give away to those who show up first!


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Victorian Ladies Sitting

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