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FYI, I often contribute foreign editions and audio CDs to Pat Rothfass's Worldbuilders Fundraiser for Heifer International.


Once I even offered up a hat tuckerization! (To appear in the final Finishing School book.)

So here, mainly for the sake of twitterings and emails is a quick word on charities (and kickstarters and other bandwagons).

In addition to donating to Worldbuilders for their annual fundraiser (which I'll continue for the foreseeable future), I support a select group of causes, schools, and libraries with both donated books and funding. I value literacy and education. That's how I enjoy giving back to my community because that's how I earn a living.

I prefer to stay private about the specifics of my philanthropic endeavors and have personal reasons for choosing causes. I spend a good deal of time researching to ensure every one I choose is run efficiently and with few ulterior motives or agendas. I simply don't have the time to research, qualify, and support every request I receive. It's for this reason that I prefer not to endorse publicly (through retweeting or other means) additional charitable organizations. (Or non-charitable ones, for that matter.)

I've adopted a policy of proactively finding causes dear to my heart, rather than responding to solicitations. I kindly hope that my Gentle Readers out there will understand and respect my wishes in this matter.


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1950 Bettie Page

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