Name That Finishing School Class CLOSED

The random numbers have been generated, Gentle Reader, and the list has been sent to my publishing house. Winners are chosen. We had a total of 149 entrants, from which 20 were drawn. Please make certain your spam filters are adjusted so that an email from my publicist can get through to you. They'll be contacting you shortly as they'd like to get the ARC's out next week.

Sadly, not by dirigible mail, although it'd be pretty cool if that were the case.

In a draconian teacherly fashion, a few of you did not follow the rules to the letter, and I thus summarily disqualified you. Tut to the tut.

Thanks so much for participating. You came up with some wonderful class names. A few of you went above and beyond, providing course descriptions and everything! Since I try to not play favorites, I always random number my winners, but I was so impressed a few of you may see the title of your class in a future book or short story, with thanks of course!

I thought you might enjoy a small sampling of some of the amusing offerings. This is not a list of the winners (as above they will be notified privately).

A Tussie-Mussie
You, Gentle Reader, are so very brilliant and creative!


Your Tisane of Smart . . .
Wrapping paper

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .
Get Your Head in the Game: How Character Moods Affect the Scene

Prudence ~ The Parasol Protectorate Abroad Book the First: Release date Fall 2013. Writing rough draft. The elephant has exploded. Climatic battle sequence ahead.
Curtsies & Conspiracies ~ The Finishing School Book the Second: Title changed. Copy edits incoming.
Etiquette & Espionage ~ Finishing School Book the First: Release date Feb 5, 2013. Working promo schemes to begin September.
Manga ~ Soulless Vol. 2: (AKA Changeless) Reviewing chapter by chapter, each drops on YenPlus by subscription. Print release tentatively Dec. 2012.

BIG FAT SPOILER ALERT on the Parasol Protectorate series! Really, DON'T READ THE BLURB ON AMAZON if you haven't read the other books first!

The Omnibus hardback editions are limited run through the SciFi Bookclub only.

The manga editions, Vol. available in print, Vol. 2 by subscription to YenPlus.

Most short stories available in ebook form world wide!

The first Finishing School book ~ Out Feb. 5, 2013

Book News:
conall feels pretty (fan art by chanee dawn)

Quote of the Day:
"Never lend books, for no one ever returns them; the only books I have in my library are books that other folks have lent me."
~ Anatole France

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