Going Regimental

So, Gentle Reader, I tried to watch Four Feathers recently. Before you accuse me of slacking off the writing, this was part of my on going attempt to understand the Victorian army system and breakdown of regiments and ranks and so forth. Four Feathers featured Rupert & Heath, a few nice costumes, a number of questionable accents, and some spectacular scenery, but it was . . . (how do I put this nicely?) not good. Le sigh. Can't win them all.

It did prompt me did go back over my old notes from Changeless on the subject for the regimental system in my particular version on Victorian England. So here's a little DVD extra moment for you all.


Victorian Regimental System ~ Gail's Universe

The Queen's Regiment
AKA the Regulars

Company Regiment
AKA the Company

Werewolf pack members generally carry (baring personal issues, experience, and other concerns) the following rank:
Alpha = Colonel
Beta = Lieutenant-Colonel
Gama = Major
However, they do not necessarily command the ordinary number of soldiers associated with such ranks, but act more as scouts or special services
They are attached to a regiment but not always fully integrated within that regiment.

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Quote of the Day:
"And there is really no reason why the Englishwoman in India should burden herself with the same number of petticoats, shifts, bodices, and what not, that her great-grandmother wore in temperate climes. We so not advocate any sloppiness in dress; on the contrary, we would inveigh against any yielding to the lassitude and indifference which comes over the most energetic in tropical heat, but we would have people as comfortable as they can be under the circumstances. And any multiplicity in under-garments, no matter how thin they may be, keeps in perspiration and conduces fatally to prickly heat."
~ Steel & Gardiner, 1888

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