Podcasts for Characters

There are some authors out there who listen to music while they write. Soem of them even make soundtracks for books. I am not one of those authors, Gentle Reader. As a former dancer I find myself wanting to twirl about too much when music is on.

I listen to a lot of podcasts however, mostly when I am driving, exercising, shopping, running errands, cooking, eating . . . Yeah, pretty much any time I am not writing. In fact, you might call me a podcast fangirl. This is one reason I love Balticon so much. So I realized recently that I associate certain podcasts with certain characters, in a Peter and the Wolf kind of way. Which is to say, they not only seem to tie in together but if I know that character has a scene coming up I will sometimes rearrange my podcast listening schedule to coincide.

Here's the association:
So if one of those is your favorite character, I wonder if you would like the associated podcast. And I'm curious, do you associate certain music with my books or characters? Do you use music when you are writing?

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