Medicinal Morning Person

I've had radio interviews in the mornings over the past few weeks. Many of them are for shows on the East Coast. I enjoy live interviews, but I really am not at my best first thing in the morning. Never have been. As the general rule I am not unlike Bertie Wooster after a night of stealing policeman's helmets.

My Mum, devout and unabashed morning-person, regards this as a grave character flaw.

The result, in the end, is that while I know I had interviews, and I vaguely remember where I sat holding the phone pressed to my head, I can not remember a single other thing about any of them.

And on that note I leave you with this list of provisions for a medicine chest from Lillias Campbell Davidson's Hints to Lady Travellers, 1889

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Book News:
Lord Akeldama hijacks someone else's blog for a change. In this case, Borders! Friday Guest Author: the Incomparable Gail Carriger!

Quote of the Day:
"If stays are worn at all, they should be short riding ones; but tight lacing and tricycle riding are deadly foes."
~ Lillias Campbell Davidson, Hints to Lady Travellers, 1889

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