Books Contest: Heartless is Coming!

So I have a stack of books and I plan on moving in the not too distant future plus knowing Heartless releases soon, I think it is time to clear the decks, so to speak.

Yes, you know what that means . . . another contest!

I like many of the suggestions Gentle Readers had for contests when I pinged you a while back, but I don't want anything too difficult. So here is my idea.

The Challenge:

The Results:

How It Works:

I hope you have fun with this!

Gail's Daily Dose
Your Tisane of Smart:
Victorain Parlour Games
Your Writerly Tinctures:
Dan on podcasting.

Timeless: Finished with last draft, awaiting copyedits.
Etiquette & Espionage: The Finishing School Book One: Rough draft done. Working on first read through.
Secret Project PPA: Only a twinkle in my little eye.

BIG FAT SPOILER ALERT! Really, DON'T READ THE BLURB ON AMAZON if you haven't read the other books first!

My box of Heartless arrived in the mail from England. These are the trade size editions from Orbit UK. I've no idea about distribution of them or the US editions. However, based on previous experience and Twitter reports the books should start showing up in shops around the 27th, earlier if you live in the Midwest.

Quote of the Day:
"Tea and books ~ mmmmmm, two of life's exquisite pleasures that together bring near-bliss."
~ Christine Hanrahan

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