Manga Art Launch: Felicity and Evylin Loontwill

Welcome to a new blog series, Gentle Reader! Every other Monday for the next two months I'll post a new character sketch from the up-coming Soulless Manga launch.

Today we have Felicity and Evylin Loontwill!

The unfortunate by product of Mrs. Loontwill's second marriage, both Felicity and Evylin were markedly different from their older half-sister. No one upon meeting the three together would have thought Alexia related to the other two at all. Aside from an obvious lack of Italian blood and completely soul-ridden states, Felicity and Evylin were both quite beautiful: pale insipid blondes with wide blue eyes and small rosebud mouths. Sadly, like their dear mama, they were not much more substantive than 'quite beautiful.' Breakfast conversation was, therefore, not destined to be of the intellectual caliber that Alexia aspired to. Still, Alexia was pleased to hear the subject turn towards something more mundane than murder.
~ from Soulless

The artists name is Rem. She is an internationally acclaimed illustrator known for her work on the manga adaptations of Harper Collin's popular Vampire Kisses series as well as NHK/Nickelodeon's Domo. Her one-shot titles, Devil's Candy and Kage no Matsuri have won awards in both America and Japan. In addition to her work as a comic artist, she has also provided character and environment designs for video games by Acclaim and Oni-Soft.

The Soulless manga is coming out via Yen Press. It launches officially at Comic Con in San Diego July 21. It will be available serialized in Yen Plus, a monthly online anthology. starting July 11, and as a full book next spring!

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Quote of the Day:
"Those who write clearly have readers. Those who write obscurely have commentators."
~ Albert Camus

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