Riots in Egypt . . . in 1882

So, Gentle Reader. A month or so ago I was researching, as you do, Alexandria as it might have looked oh, around 1876 or so. An interesting proposition and one that had me combing the archives. After much hunting about I kept running across these fascinating sketches that appeared in the London Times in 1882. About certain riots in the streets.

Wow. The universe has a funny way about it sometimes.

Anyway, the images were so very fascinating, particularly in light of recent events that I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of them.

So there it is, the infamous Egyptian rebellion of 1882, the cause of much British interested because A. the army was called in to pacify the locals, B. the navy was called in to bomb the harbors, and C. all the ex-pats and tourists in Egypt had to be deported.

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