Gail Is On Vacation

FAQ For While Gail Is Away

My darling Gentle Reader, thank you for visiting my website and/or blog. If you are looking for an answer to a particular question, I am hoping to have developed some latent psychic abilities and have answered it here (or elsewhere on the website) in a post I wrote a month before I departed, on a trip I've already left for by the time you are reading this, to a destination from which I will be returning, only to arrive back the same day I started, before I left. Wha ha! Make sense of that if you dare.

Miss Carriger, where are you? You haven't answered my email/twitter/facebook missive?
I am strolling about the wilds of the southern hemisphere. I am searching the skies for the Great Cross. I am basking in the glow of deadly jellyfish, sampling such culinary delicacies as alligator, and hopefully making the acquaintance of a gentleman platypus.
In short: I'm in New Zealand and then Australia from August 13 - September 6, during which I I will be at WorldCon in Melbourne. Then I am immediately back on the road for the Blameless book tour to return around September 13.
Why are you only touring the West Coast of the US for Blameless? Are you coast-ist?
My books seem to be particularly popular on that coast. However, that doesn't mean I'm ignoring the rest of the US. I love visiting conventions and do try to get out to as many, in as varied locations, as possible. Keep an eye on the Upcoming Sightings section of the website and I may be in a city near you in 2011.
Can I have a signed bookplate? Oh, pretty please?
I've no current plans to do bookplates. I'm sorry, it's just too logistically complicated. However, you can order a signed copy of my books from Borderlands. Just give them a ring and they will take any information regarding dedication and next time I'm there I'll sign it for you. It will cost you shipping as well as the price of the book, and there may be a bit of a delay, because I'm not in San Francisco all that frequently. But, they are super lovely and nice people and I will do my best to dedicate with gusto. For obvious reasons, signed copies of Blameless will be delayed well into September.
Miss Carriger, where are the REST of the audiobooks?
Recorded Books owns the rights to the first three Parasol Protectorate books. I had a phone conversation over pronunciation of the Scottish names in Changeless last month. So they are putting it into production with Emily as reader again, I believe. I don't have a release date yet, spring of next year is my best guess. You have a few options, if you would like. If you join the Parasol Protectorate Facebook group I use that as my main means of disseminating information such as rights sales, publication dates, and signings/other appearances. I'll send out a message there as soon as I have a date for the future audio books. Or, you can check back at this page of my website periodically. Under the Book Nitty Gritty section I list audio rights. I'll update that as soon as I know anything more. I promise.
O o o, and when does Heartless come out?
July 2011.
Do you have plans for any more Parasol Protectorate books after Timeless?
Not with these particular main characters. I'm one for a tidy ending and a clean series arc. Which isn't to say I won't take up the Parasol Protectorate gauntlet again, but it will probably be a different parasol and a different protectorate. Perhaps later on in time, perhaps earlier . . .

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