The Importance of Proper Dress

Mysterious - NoirOK, Gentle Reader, today I am going to climb on to my soap box and blog about something evil, something so base and vile, that you may, just possibly, wish to stop reading right this very moment.

I may offend you.

I am not holding back.

This is something I believe in, possibly more than anything else. So I am going to take the plunge.

I am going to address the rank underbelly of the SF/F community (no, not literally). I am going to do it because I feel someone has to make a stand. This is a highly embarrassing topic that everyone seems afraid to broach. Well, I have the courage. Someone must be strong, and I am that person. Yes, Gentle Reader, we are going to talk about . . . Appropriate Dress.

Let me start this off by listing some inappropriate dress for a convention, mixer, signing, etc.

I don't care how alternative you think you are. How much a slacker. What counter-culture you believe you represent. You are none of these things.

You are a slob.

You are disrespecting the authors and presenters (if you're a fan) and the fans (if you're an author), not to mention all the other important individuals who have arranged for and attended the event (con organizers, editors, agents, producers, actors). Most importantly, you are shaming yourself and the SF/F industry as a whole. Yes you are. Suck. It. Up.

If you aren't suitable to be seen in public, than you shouldn't be in public. Go back, take a shower, take a nap, put on clean respectable clothing.

What sparked this rant, Ms. Carriger?

You might well ask. I was watching a (unnamed, to protect the guilty) video blog of some SF/F convention footage, featuring, I am sad to say, mainly authors. And I was ashamed. Ashamed, I tell you.

Let me explain something. Style is not hard. No matter what your shape or income level. All it takes is a tiny bit of time and effort. You can make it hard. I, for example, like a challenge. So do the Goths and the steampunkers out there. But it really doesn't have to be difficult. And, as the person who spots the problem (namely, me) is responsible for its solution, here are some tips:
Right. So. There it is. Read it and shop!

Yours etc...

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Quote of the Day:
"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."
~ Oscar Wilde

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