Gail's Top 12 Writing & Publishing Related Podcast Articles

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Well, Gentle Reader here are my 12 Favorite Podcast Articles on Publishing & Writing Related Topics

Author Marketing & Publicity Related
Writing Tips

Gail's Daily Dose
Your Infusion of Cute:
All hail the great evil tuba army, yay!

Your Tisane of Smart:
Story of my academic life.

Your Writerly Tinctures:
The Steampunk Scholar's List of Steampunk Books

CAKE in Space: With agent.
Soulless: Back cover getting a bit of a rework before release but I haven't seen it.
Changeless: Awaiting copyedit. Release date currently April 2010.
Blameless First Draft, done. Editing for second draft and sample pages due for Bk 2. (pages not words)

Quote of the Day:
"The work never matches the dream of perfection the artist has to start with."
~ William Faulkner

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