So, how do vampires affect Victorian fashion?

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Ron Hogan's interview of me wasn't as awkward as I thought. Such a relief, Gentle Reader, as I was quite overwhelmed at the time. It's not the most flattering video, but far less garbled than I remember. You can catch the primary blog at Many thanks to Ron for the interview and support.

So, how do vampires affect Victorian fashion?

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Your Infusion of Cute:
Rachel Weisz does Retro Green

Your Tisane of Smart:
Creating Your Social Media Plan by Lisa Barone
Your Writerly Tinctures:
Orbit is looking for a summer intern, so if you live in New York and want to learn all about the SF/F publishign industry this is a great place to start. From the stories I've heard their office sounds like a whole lot of crazy fun, too.

CAKE in Space: Finished Draft 2, with agent.
Soulless: Deeply excited to learn Soulless made Reed's informal survey of the 9 top Buzz Books of BEA! The press release came through yesterday.
Steampunk short: Visiting the Orbit manga department...
Changeless: Gone poof. Starting to gather corrections.

Quote of the Day:
"You know, all writers are vampires and they'll look around and they watch you when you're not even thinking they're watching you and they'll slip stuff in."
~ James Gandolfini

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