In Which Gail Imagines What Jane Austen Would Say About Twitter

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I have been battling Twitter all morning, Gentle Reader. This is very frustrating for an OCD former QA tester super-organizer with delusions of someday defeating entropy. I can only imagine Jane Austen on the subject: Twitter is a party of inferior refinement, wherein people of little consequence say things of no consequence despite the accepted fact that no one is listening, and even if they were, they would not respond. As you may have determined, I am disinclined to pursue any further avenues of social media today. Thus I give you only the Obligatory Parasol Photo and the Daily Dose.

Gail's Daily Dose
Your Infusion of Cute:
Ascot Lady's Day has been and gone, an event most Americans tend to overlook. But, since I adore hats, I couldn't let it pass me by without a mention. Attending Ascot is one of my life goals. Some day I too will be supercilious, elitist, and cranially adorned.

Your Tisane of Smart:
The Maya were big on tubers, manioc (yuca or cassava) in particular. Turns out they may be on to something, this member of the spurge family (yes, I said SPURGE - how Invader Zim is that?) is reputed to make the best French fries in existence.

Your Writerly Tinctures:
The Swivet's hilarious BEA wrap up

CAKE in Space: With agent.
Soulless: still basking in the library glow.
Changeless: Gone poof. Starting to gather corrections. Release date unknown.

Quote of the Day:
"I always like to know everything about my new friends, and nothing about my old ones."
~ Oscar Wilde
I thought this particularly social media apt.

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