Bloomsbury Tea Room in Capitola - a Review

Tea Drinking
I recently was fortunate enough to visit the Bloomsbury Tea Room in Capitola. I cannot recommend this tiny teahouse highly enough. The menu was lovely, with an excellent selection and delicious food. Perhaps not quite so British and stodgy as one might expect, but that is only due to the fact that everything was infused with a California aesthetic – fresh vegetables, fluffy bread, and perfectly selected fruit. (Be warned if you are from England, that this is the classic American take on tea, with no Welsh rarebit, shepherd's pie, or full breakfasts on offer.)

Both my companion and I had the Full Tea ($22.00) which deviated from the description on website. I started with the Rachel Salad (spinach, tomatoes, boiled egg, bacon, and croutons with a poppy seed dressing). My companion had the cream of asparagus soup served in a lovely little teacup with a toast nib. The salad was good, but the soup was absolutely wonderful. We moved on to a tasty selection of tea sandwiches (tomato with fresh thyme, cold chicken, cucumber with mint, and egg salad, arranged with fresh strawberries and blueberries.) After that came some ridiculously fluffy warm scones with cream and lemon curd. For the finale we were presented with a selection of desserts (mini pecan pie, tiny lemon sponge cake, and raspberry chocolate fool).

The tea came pre-strained and the milk was warmed so as not to cool the tea - very high class. The cups were delicate and perfectly proportioned. The service was a little odd, but efficient, and the atmosphere was cozy and friendly. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon in Spring without a reservation and were seated immediately. There were two other couples, and a small party of cheerful matrons.

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