Alexia's London: Supper March 20, 1876

Supper for Today, 1876, in a London Townhouse

Gail's Daily Dose
Your Infusion of Cute:
Another case of, why didn't I know about this movie? Lesbian Vampire Killers. What I want to know is, are people killing lesbian vampires or are the killers of vampires lesbians?
Your Tisane of Smart:
The safe, gasless dirigible has arrived... using the beryllium vacuum
Your Writerly Tinctures:
G. Xavier Robillard's Captain Freedom: A Superhero's Quest for Truth, Justice, and the Celebrity He So Richly Deserves uses superhero trope to satire celebrity-obsessed pop culture. Seems like it is very Union Dues-esk with some Terry Pratchett inspired footnotes.

CAKE in Space: Next on the agenda - draft 2.
Soulless: Completed proofs, awaiting ARCs.
Changeless: Gone poof.
Steampunk short: Finishing first draft today.

Quote of the Day:
"Next time he'll have me bummed by a big gay werewolf, I swear."
~ Lesbian Vampire Killers