Gail's 10 Travel Commandments & Staying Healthy on the Road

Although my travel season has ended, I realize that it is likely you, Gentle Reader, are getting ready to head off various places for the holidays. In consequence, I felt it might be time to fix and reboot this blog post. Also I was recently asked on Goodreads about how I stay healthy when traveling, so I thought I would add a bit on that at the end.

Gail's 10 Travel Commandments

  1. Thou shalt not eat ice cream, fish, beans, or onion-based foods directly before a flight.
  2. Thou shalt wear socks, deodorant, and a wide warm scarf for air travel.
  3. Thou shalt not wear perfume, after-shave, or difficult shoes. 
  4. It is better to buy a sandwich and not eat it than to go hungry.
  5. Thou shalt pack extra necessities and underthings in the carry on, in case of stranding.
  6. Remember the seat-back in front of you. (Make yourself a seat pocket kit to quickly stash after boarding: reading material, pen, phone, itinerary, passport/ID, chapstick, breath mints/gum, tea bags, tissues, ear buds.)
  7. Thou shalt not over indulge in sugar or alcohol, your immune system has enough to deal with.
  8. Thou shalt not eat sushi in a land-locked state.
  9. Thou shalt not dangle: fit it in your bag or wear it, never strap it on. 
  10. No backpacks. Really, you, tall dude, no backpack - stop beaning me in the head. 

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Don Toth asked Gail Carriger on Goodreads:

How do you stay well and fit when on the road?


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“In travelling it is as well to take with one one’s own tea. You will by this means ensure a better article in all probability, and one often gets accustomed to a special flavour, and prefers it to any other. With a home-comfort, or an etna, one can be perfectly independent, and provide tea for oneself at any hour of the day or night. A capital little arrangement is a perforated cup of bright metal, with a cover, which fits upon an ordinary teacup. The tea is placed in this receptacle, and the water poured upon it. A few minutes suffice for the drawing, and then the tea-maker, with the used leaves, is bodily lifted out, and a capital cup of tea remains.”
~ Hints to Lady Travellers: At Home and Abroad (Royal Geographic Society) by Lillias Campbell Davidson (1889) N

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