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Prudence is out now, and here, Gentle Reader, is some insight into the research behind her first fateful adventure.

While I was writing this installment in the Custard Protocol series, I did a lot of research and jotted down a number of things about India in 1895 that didn't make it into the book. I also collected some fun inspirational images. I thought you would enjoy a glimpse into what wasn't used...

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple 1880s
Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India.
Photograph of the gopurams of the Ranganatha temple at Srirangam, taken by an unknown photographer in the 1880s, from an album of 62 views of India and Ceylon. The Ranganatha temple is a Vaishnava complex situated on the artificial island of Srirangam in the Cauvery River near Tiruchirapalli.
(via Blog on vishnu temples)

Alternate Meets History Notes

"Crisis in Baghdad"
featuring the newest technology - a camel mounted gatling gun
supported in the latest in airpower.
(From Harper Weekly 1882)

Sikh soldiers of 29th Indian Infantry Brigade 1915 via British Paintings tumblr

Raja Wazir Singh of Faridkot 1900

"... grand-looking men, generally tall and brawny, with high cheek-bones and gold rings in their ears. They are more of a walnut than a mahogany brown and many of them are not much darker that a dark Englishman; they are the most masculine looking creatures I have ever seen and, oddly enough, their earrings and the straight petticoat they wear reaching their ankles makes them look more masculine still, as they accentuate their bold faces and their stride. For looks they beat any race of men I have ever seen, especially when they are clean shaved. I really must stop this rigmarole now..."
~ rapturous letter from Violet Jacob, a Scotswoman married to an Irish officer in the 20th Hussars, writing from Mhow 1895 impressed with the Punjabi soldiers, as quoted by Holmes.


I think that too much more and I would be giving things away about the book. But I am hoping these bits and bobs were enjoyable.

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Your Moment of Parasol . . .
Romy Schneider as Sissi in Ludwig via fawnvelveteen tumblr

Your Infusion of Cute . . .
Lilliput My Sunbeam

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
Chair that can transform into multiple configurations to maximize comfort

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
The 12 Most Quotable Lines of Pride and Prejudice


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Quote of the Day:
"I watched in wonderment as all stone and a half of Signor thumped into the Marshal’s lap and tea-cozied up, purring even louder."
~ Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear

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