13 Quirky Lesser Known Movies Gail Loves

Mostly, for obvious reasons, I talk about books on this blog Gentle Reader. Today I decided on movies. I was in the shower speculating recently, as you do, about some of the movies I adore that no one seems to know about but that I feel sort of have the same feel as my own world. Not in specifics, but in, oh I don't know, aura or something. Ugh, I'm waffling. I'll stop now.

Here is a list of 13 movies that I think, if you like my books, you might enjoy watching but that, for some reason, no one ever seems to talk about...

  1. Center Stage ~ Yes it's a cheesy dance movie but I have a horrible weakness for dance movies and this is one of the best and cheesiest. (Oh and there is a young Zoe Saldana in her first movie, chosen because yes - you're not surprised - she's a trained ballerina.)
  2. City Hunter ~ Jackie Chan as a comic book character, because, well he kind of is already. I will never understand why it didn't get wide release in the US.
  3. Cold Comfort Farm ~ Just as charming as the book (how often does that happen?) with a KILLER cast.
  4. D.E.B.S. ~ Not what you thought it was from the trailer, lovely and sweet in the end, trappings of Disney's bright color pallet with better romance than any Disney movie. Yes some of the acting is AWFUL, but I sill love it.
  5. I Can't Think Straight ~ Culture clashing coming-out romance story of the best kind, mostly drama, but utterly delightful.
  6. Imagine Me & You ~ About falling in love with the right person, when already married to another right person. A bit over-dramatic at times bit it worked for me because I really liked all three in the love triangle, and the movie doesn't cop out or make it easy for either the heroine (or the audience) to choose. 
  7. Latter Days ~ Possibly my favorite movie of all time. Why aren't you off watching it? Why aren't I? (More on this amazing movie from Julie Bozza)
  8. Maurice ~ A poignant look at male love as a period drama (after the Wilde case) but also heart-wrenching self discovery and class commentary. Don't worry it has a happy ending. (Foster's original book is widely thought by critics to be semi-autobiographical.)
  9. Practical Magic ~ I guess this is better known than some of the others on this list, but I include it anyway. The book is different, but also quite enjoyable.
  10. Shelter ~ Surfers in love with each other but also learning to love family, duty, friends, and art. It's a little stiff in places, very Indy, but worth the effort for the unmitigated charm.
  11. Shooting Fish ~ Con artists in action before Leverage and Oceans XX came along. Of course, there is also romance. Duh. It's me.
  12. Tipping the Velvet ~ The feminine balance to Maurice, a Victorian set journey of self discovery that takes an oyster girl from the coast to a stage in London, to being a kept woman, to finding acceptance. 
  13. The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec ~ I swear I had heard of neither the book nor the movie before I wrote Soulless. (Finally available in the USA.)

Honorable mention to these not-movie-type-things

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