5 Things Gail Is Looking Forward to at WorldCon San Antonio

I'm on the home stretch getting together my schedule for WorldCon in San Antonio this year, Gentle Reader. I was hoping to have a pretty low key event in 2013, but it's not looking like that. I've a bumper crop of panels as well as a couple autographing sessions, a kaffeeklatsch, business meetings, and evening events. I hope to see many of you there.

Right now, these are the 5 things I'm most looking forward to most...

Howard, Mur, and self at WorldCon in Melbourne 2010
1. Seeing old friends and making new ones. Hanging out in the greenroom, bar and at the after parties. This is always my favorite part of any WorldCon.
2. SFWA booth: I know this is an odd one, but I always have fun there. I'll be working the table on Friday and doing a signing on Sunday. I have an official signing in the program as well, but it's on Thursday so I thought I would have another one on the weekend for those who couldn't come during the work week. SFWA was kind enough to accommodate.
3. Making the Secret Project announcement.
4. Lakeside documentary film showing.
5. Jingu House Japanese tea garden (I'm going to try to sneak off one afternoon to see it)

I'm not excited about the packing. I intend to bring six pairs of shoes with me, balancing them against the check luggage weight limit is always a fun little game.

So, will any of you be there? What are you looking forward to most?


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