The Series That Changed My Life

This American Life recently had a podcast on The Book That Changed Your Life. I realized that I had one of those, or more properly, a series that changed my life. In my case it was The Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce, one of the only series for which I have hard back first editions (which I keep at my Mum's house for safety) and pocket paperbacks (initially to travel around to various academic institutions with me, now just to read). As a general rule I'm not a collector, I don't care about the edition, and I loathe hard back. I was eight when I read the first book and it changed my mentality ~ the very I idea that a young girl could be the central character and really kick some proverbial arse! But that wasn't how it changed my life ~ that came six years later.

Picture a small town girl, 13 people in her eighth grade class, tried everything she could not to go to gangland public high. Luckily, she managed to slide into a private prep school (and while there was a scholarship, we aren't going to talk about what the parentals had to do to afford it, not to mention make the drive every morning). So, there I was in Freshman English class and this adorable sweet-tempered other-worldly young lady and I start gravitating towards each other. However, it wasn't until after class, at lunch, that Tamora Pierce came up in conversation.

Turns out we were both rabid fans. No, really. And then, as you do with books, we started sharing the other ones we really loved, and she told me ones I should read, and I told her ones she should read. And by the end of that lunch, we were rabid friends. And that, as they say, was that.

Going on almost 20 years now, Phran and I have played writer's hopscotch with each other. She got her first short story published in MZB's Sword & Sorceress when we were 15. Took me 3 years to catch up. She dragged me to my first science fiction convention (BayCon '95). Significant others have come and gone, but it's Phran and I who go to book parties together, who make the trek to WorldCon, and who, more often than not, are each others plus one. She's my favorite traveling companion (which is saying a lot for an archaeologist, we travel all the time). She's gone on to work for Locus and I've gone on to write books. Throughout it all, Phran has read my scribbles. In fact, she's reading the third book in the Parasol Protectorate series right now.

Not only that, it was through Phran I met the Iz, who is my most vicious red penner (believe me, I need it) and with whom I have gotten up to more trouble than I care to admit. And through Iz I met Sarah and through Sarah I met Willow and Rachel and . . .

It's these friends who turned up at my reading last Sunday, and these friends who'll be cooking, and cleaning, and decorating for my book launch party. Some people are defined by their family, or their partnership, or their children ~ I'm defined by my friends. I moved back to California because of them. When something wonderful happens, I call them. When I sold Soulless: Phran screamed, Iz said "well, of course," and Willow cried.

And all of it started because of Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness Quartet.

So that's how a book changed my life.

Please don't forget my big fat contest this week for lots of cool stuff. (You know that Rachel I mentioned above? She made the pins). Hope you participate.

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