Bad Bad SciFi

I am going to confess to a secret passion, so pay attention because I wouldn't tell this to just anybody. (Oh, wait, this LiveJournal thing is public so I guess I would tell this to just anybody.)

I like bad SciFi. I don't mean the type of kitschy appalling SciFi criticized by MST3K, or even old dated SciFi like Lost in Space, or original Dr. Who. No, I mean just plain old bad SciFi. I actually own the movies Wing Commander and (gasp) Starship Troopers. It is my lifelong goal to find a DVD copy of Island City, probably the worst Made-for-TV SciFi movie ever . . . well . . . made. I'm even willing to give such appalling shows as Andromeda (though eventually the painfully inconsistent characterization drove me off), Earth 2, and Space: Above and Beyond a second look.

And if we are going for full confessions I also find bad teen SciFi strangely appealing. I wait in vain for someone to come out with the DVDs of Deepwater Black, I rather enjoyed Zenon (despite the Disney thing) and I even watched The Tribe for a while.

I know they are bad I just CAN'T NOT WATCH. I am ashamed of this addiction, but I can't seem to stop it. And I certainly can't explain it. Somebody help me.

On a completely different note, read this review of Troy. Probably the best review ever written.

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"It’s not faith, it’s genetics."
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